Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Follow-up links on concussion

Following last month's blog on concussion (which can be found here) there have been a few interesting articles popping up over the internet:

New York Times Blogger Jan Hoffman discusses attitudes to reporting (or not reporting) concussion in young athletes  Although predominantly discussing American football, the article references a study in which young cheerleaders have been found to under-report concussion, and discusses attitudes to working through pain which are relevant to dance and most athletic pursuits.

The Institute of Medicine released a report on sports-related concussion in young people, worth a read for anyone working in dance or sport.

Karim Khan writes on the British Journal of Sports Medicine blog in response to Andre Villas-Boas' comments on decision-making following head injury. For those that missed it, football player Hugo Lloris was knocked unconscious following a blow to the head in a match between Tottenham and Everton. The Tottenham coach allowed Lloris to continue playing, against medical advice, prompting criticism from FIFA and brain injury charity Headway. Khan's short post makes some sensible points on the importance of medical assessment of head injury and medical authority during sports performance.